CHGPM Affiliate Membership Criteria and Application

The UW Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine membership is open to all University of Wisconsin-Madison affiliated faculty who are actively involved in research and clinical activities in human genomics and precision medicine.

Specific areas of interest include a) cancer genomics; b) novel diagnostics; c) interventional genomics; d) rare genetic disorders; e) population health genomics/predictive medicine; and f) ESLI (ethical, social, and legal implications of precision medicine).  Applications for new members will be considered by the advisory committee on a rolling basis. Membership to the center will be determined based on evidence of an applicant’s commitment to human genomics and precision medicine research, active funding in this area, and willingness to engage in CHGPM related activities. Applicants will receive notification by a letter of decision.

To remain in good standing as an affiliate member of the CHGPM, faculty must fulfill the following obligations:

  1. Actively participate in a program related to human genomics and precision medicine-in the following research areas: rare disease, cancer genomics, novel diagnostics, population genomics, interventional genomics, or ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI); and/or provide key leadership within the CHGPM. Active participation will be defined broadly but will include attendance at CHGPM sponsored events, conferences, symposiums, and seminars, supporting the writing of publications and/or research proposals, etc.
  2. Support CHGPM’s funding and reporting efforts by providing timely information on publications, research support, clinical studies, and other research activities.
  3. Demonstrated collaborations with Center faculty and other affiliated faculty are highly encouraged. These would be measured through evidence of joint projects, presentations, publications, and peer-reviewed grant applications.

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Membership Benefits

UW Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine affiliate members will be eligible to have collaborative access to use center shared resources based on availability. Our shared resources include:

  • Low to medium throughput short-read Illumina sequencing (NextSeq 1000, iSeq)
  • Digital PCR
  • Automated DNA/RNA extraction
  • Sample processing facilities
  • DNA/RNA quality assessment (Tapestation, Qubit, Nanodrop)
  • Cell Imaging (Cytation 5 w/Biospa)
  • Sample processing room with dedicated biosafety cabinet

Please email to request access and availability information.

Membership Responsibilities

  • Participate in Precision Medicine Interest Group meetings, monthly seminars, symposium, and provide speaker names.
  • Present upon invitation to the CHGPM Genomics Seminar Series.
  • Collaborate with other CHGPM members to develop and participate in human genomics and/or precision medicine related research/clinical activities.
  • Provide necessary information required for annual and 3-yr reporting requirements in a timely manner.
  • Acknowledge CHGPM membership in genomics-related publications and presentations.
  • Acknowledge Precision Medicine Research Service in genomics-related publications and presentations, if applicable.
  • Comply with Federal Public Access requirements; BuckySubmit is a time-saving, one-stop service that submits soon-to-be-published manuscripts to one or more federal agencies on behalf of federal grant awardees. Learn more here

Membership Renewals

All memberships to the UW Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine will be reviewed annually, provide an updated biosketch with relevant publications. A reapplication for membership will be required every three years. Renewal applications must meet all the criteria listed for new applicants and applicants will be evaluated on their contributions to CHGPM over the previous 3-year period.

Guide to Joining and Application Form

  1. Faculty interested in CHGPM affiliate membership are encouraged to meet with the Program Leader most closely aligned with their interests prior to applying for membership. Contact information is listed on our programs page.
  2. Complete the online membership application form
  3. Member applications are formally presented for review at CHGPM advisory meetings. A formal vote is taken, and acceptance requires a majority approval.
  4. The applicant receives a letter from the Director noting membership approval. New members must sign the letter to acknowledge their membership.

Before submitting the membership application:

  • Review the Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine (CHGPM) Membership Criteria.
  • Prepare your NIH Biosketch, please be sure the Personal Statement section indicates how your work relates to program area, human genomics, and/or precision medicine, and NIH Other Support to upload with the online application